Survive the Corporate Jungle


Help Your Students Get Ready for the Workplace

It’s well-documented that today’s recent graduates are struggling in the working world. Employers complain about poor work ethic, lack of personal responsibility for decisions and actions, and poor verbal and written communication skills. But it’s not entirely the students’ fault; many of them simply have not been told that skills such as these are important.

As a result, when they get out in the working world, they get frustrated and angry and impatient with their lack of success and satisfaction in their jobs.

 Alfred Poor is ready to help.

The fact is that students today need more than a good resume, more than good interview skills, and more than good job search strategies. The three are all essential to landing that all-important first job after graduation, but students also need to learn how to hang onto that first job. They need to learn how to be successful at it, to find satisfaction in their work, and to become valuable additions to their companies.

The presentation is based on content from Alfred Poor’s book, “7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know!” In a positive and upbeat program, he explains commonsense strategies that will help students stand out and excel in their new jobs. He provides information such as:

  • Three essential skills that will gain the support of co-workers at all levels
  • One surprising lesson from fast food that applies in any job
  • What their primary responsibility is, no matter what their job description says

Measurable outcomes, guaranteed.

At the end of the presentation, you will see an immediate change in your students. They will:

  • Be more confident about their ability to succeed in the workplace, and
  • Learn at least one new strategy that they can apply in their jobs.

And you will get the measured results that prove these outcomes. Alfred Poor backs all his presentations with a 100% guarantee; unless you are completely satisfied with the program, he will refund his speaking fee.

Suitable for a variety of events

“SURVIVE the Corporate Jungle” is ideal for a wide range of campus events.

  • Keynote address for a Career Day or Career Week program
  • Motivational program for seniors starting their final year
  • Inspirational adjunct to resume or job interview training programs
  • A program for Parents Weekend
  • An address to seniors prior to graduation

Note that fraternities and sororities can pool their resources to invite Alfred Poor to come speak to their members, especially their seniors. This is an excellent way to demonstrate concern about their continued success beyond graduation.

For more information:

For more details about the program, you can download the “SURVIVE the Corporate Jungle” one-sheet:

Click here to download the one-sheet.

You can also contact Alfred Poor for more information about the added bonuses available when you book him to speak on your campus, discounts for block booking, and how he can help promote your event.