Feedback from Participants and Meeting Planners

Testimonial photo-grabbed attention

“Dr. Poor is an engaging speaker: well researched and organized.”
“Dr. Poor has hit the nail on the head about the students of today.”
“The facts and references were eye-opening.”
“He was excellent!”Faculty and staff of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville who attended
“Hard Truths about Soft Skills”

“I invited Alfred Poor two times to be a speaker at Archbishop Wood High School. The first time was to parents regarding the college process and the second to students about college and career. Both times Mr. Poor presented relevant and useful information in an engaging, often humorous manner. Parents emailed following the evening presentation to thank me for the information they received. Students were interested and expressed that they too not only learned new information but felt better about the college process. I would definitely ask Alfred Poor to return and speak to both students and parents.”

Mary Desmond, Guidance Director, Archbishop Wood High School

“Alfred did a great job with CollegeWeekLive at our Back to School event. His presentation was interactive and he had great graphics on his slides so people had to listen to what he had to say instead of just reading along. His live webinar session provided great information for our audiences and he answered audience questions and shared his contact information for further connection. A great addition to any event, we’ll definitely be having him back!”

Kimberly Onsager, Production Manager, CollegeWeekLive

“We loved your session. The information given will be helpful in guiding our daughter through her first year of college and beyond.”

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation! My whole family watched it and we gained some new insights. I’m going to be a senior in high school this year, and I am very excited to be moving on to the next chapter in my life.”

Participant feedback from CollegeWeekLive “Back to School” webinar

“I greatly appreciated your approach to the challenges Career Centers face and your “modest proposal”.  I’m having a conversation with my counterpart in the School of Business today at lunch to see how we can put your concepts into practice.”

“You had so many compelling insights and observations and I look forward to examining our current practices using your perspective.”

“Thanks, I enjoyed the workshop and am exploring if there is a venue for having you as a speaker and sharing the message with a broader audience at our college.”

Participant feedback from InternBridge 3-part “Career Center of the Future… TODAY!” webinar

“I just wanted to say thanks for all the excellent tips! These tips were extremely helpful. I am going to put them to use as soon as possible.”

“I loved the presentation today.”

“I learned a lot to pass on to my son.”

Participant feedback from CollegeWeekLive “College and Career Success Skills” webinar

“Alfred did a terrific job sharing how job seekers should have the proper mindset and that they should always being delivering value that first and foremost focuses on the decision makers’ best interest. He provided insightful statistics, valuable advice and actionable strategies that will be very helpful and valuable to my audience.  His advice is solid and his coaching was much appreciated. I would highly recommend Alfred as he provides expert advice that will benefit and make a difference in any job seekers’ job search process.”

Lindsay Gill, co-founder of Menture Me

“Thanks again for a great presentation [at Brookdale Community College]! It was a pleasure how easy you are to work with and how prepared you are when you come to speak. Our group and I would like you to come speak again.

David Klein, BCUG, VP Program Chair

“I was a part of your keynote, and it was spot on with the challenges we face in Career Services. I am going to make sure our entire office watches the keynote later!”

“I had my team in on the conference and found your remarks right on target with what we are seeking to achieve.  Too many campus offices think of Career Services as the usual resume and interview prep, job search provider.  What they do not grasp is the difference between these traditional tools and skills.”

“Great presentation this morning!  I, too, share your view that it is okay that graduates do not know they want to do when they graduate.  Thank you for admitting this is ok.”

“You did an excellent job of launching us into an understanding of what faces college graduates in seeking and sustaining employment, as well as helping us understand what they may lack in terms of readiness.”

Participant feedback at the InternBridge “Career Services Online Conference” opening keynote presentation.

Dr. Poor’s two public presentations were excellent and very well-received. Dr. Poor spoke to student career readiness, and from a number of different perspectives. His delivery was flawless and he peppered his speeches with pithy, insightful stories which captured and held the attention of his listeners.

What is especially interesting about the content of Dr. Poor’s presentations (also reflected in his well-written book) is that he stresses the importance of the “hidden curriculum” in preparing students for their future lives.

Dr. Poor argues that soft skills are really hard skills because many of our young adults do not have adequate opportunity to hone these seemingly intangible interpersonal and problem solving tools without the support of the adults in their lives – most notably parents and faculty. His proposed solutions are concrete and quite practical.

I can recommend Alfred Poor to you with great enthusiasm and without hesitation.

Gerard P. O’Sullivan, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs, Neumann University

“Best keynote speaker we’ve had in a few years”
“Wonderful and engaging talk”
“The content was interesting, thought-provoking, and relevant!”Participant feedback at the New England Association for Cooperative Education and Field Experience 2012 Conference

When asked what they liked best about the presentation, participants responded:

“The likability of the speaker and his expertise with the subject material”
“The comprehensive knowledge of the speaker and his good personality”
“You answer all questions, and have great energy.”
“A knowledgeable speaker, interesting information, well presented.”
“Very understandable and clear presentation, and very animated”

Presentation for NYACC at New York University

“Great talk! This advice is applicable for professionals of all ages, not just recent grads.”

Maria D. Duenas – Sarasota, FL 

“As the organizer of the Lehigh Valley Small Business Boot Camp, I faced possible disaster when a key speaker cancelled just a month before the event. I was fortunate to connect with Alfred Poor, and he agreed to fill the keynote speaker position on short notice. At the event, he energized the participants with his dynamic presentation and mastery of his subject. Afterwards, many of the participants sought me out to tell me how much they enjoyed his talk and how they gained information and insight that they could put right to work. I am already planning to include Alfred in some of our future events.”

Darnell Davis, Evolution Magazine, http://evomag.co/

“Alfred is a wonderful speaker with rich and diverse experience.”

Joseph Facchiano, JoFash Enterprises 

“To me, the most amazing thing about Alfred was how he handled questions. Perhaps you have experienced people who can go on for what seems like an endless interval asking an obtuse and convoluted question that many cannot comprehend. Invariably Alfred restated these questions for the audience, phrased better than each of the questioners could have conceived. What a skill! It was a delight to have Alfred speak to our chapter. We would invite him again in a heartbeat.”

Joel Pollack, Director, Bay Area Chapter of the Society for Information Display

 Praise for 7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know!

“Your book was very practical and informative for new graduates entering the workforce. I thought that your format of asking thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter was very effective.”

Mark Klein, MSW, Career Counselor, Queens College

“You really are hitting on material that career service offices don’t usually cover with their primary focus on the search itself. Clearly, students entering the labor market at any stage (part-time job, internship or full-time position) as well as professionals of all ages can really benefit from your expertise.”

Brent Atwater, Director of Career and Personal Development, Greensboro College


“Alfred Poor has hit the nail on the head with this one. As a corporate trainer I’ve often heard owners and managers express exasperation over the attitudes and work behavior shown by the younger members of the workforce. The main theme of your publication appears to me to be a call to personal accountability. Learning the particulars of their major is only part of the story. Without acquiring the work habits necessary for success in the real world, their genius may never be realized and their talent valued.”

Ken Davis, KenDavisTeamstuff, http://www.kendavisteamstuff.com/

“I get to work with businesses and organizations throughout the U.S. and help them take their current service level into a magical customer experience. 7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know! provides the key ingredients to create a magical career experience and should be a must read on any college campus. Alfred shares his incredible knowledge and street smart wisdom  in an easy to read book that is so powerfully packed with applicable tips that it is sure to be a lifetime valuable resource. My two sons will be the first to get a copy and I am definitely recommending this book to all my clients and their employees.”

John Formica, author of Making the Customer Experience Magical Now!, http://www.johnformica.com/

“I wish that 7 Success Secrets had been available when I was in college, and that I would have had the good sense to read it. The book is an easy read, but it makes you think about your job and your role in the workplace in ways that will help make you more successful and get more enjoyment out of your time at work. I think any college senior or recent graduate, as well as those who are more established in their careers, could benefit from reading 7 Success Secrets.”

Anna Platz, ILM Marketing, http://www.marketingilm.com/