The Book

Today’s college students are not prepared
to enter the workplace.

Their employers say so, their college career centers say so, and even recent college graduates say so. To help them, career expert Alfred Poor, PhD, wrote his new book, “7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know!

Parents and grandparents have good reason to worry about how their college-age children will make it in today’s job market. According to a Rutgers University study, only 51% of the students who graduated from a four-year college program in the past five years currently have full-time jobs. And many of those who are employed do not have a job in an area for which they studied.

It’s not enough to simply land a job these days; students must learn how to hold onto that all-important first job after graduation. Not only do they need a good résumé and need to do well in a job interview, they need to know how to be a good employee. Unfortunately, many young adults are lacking in these “soft skills”; managers complain that their young workers create problems for themselves at work due to a sense of entitlement and low work ethic.

“Alfred Poor has hit the nail on the head with this one. As a corporate trainer, I’ve often heard owners and managers express exasperation over the attitudes and work behavior shown by the younger members of the workforce. Without acquiring the work habits necessary for success in the real world, their genius may never be realized and their talent valued.”

Ken Davis, KenDavisTeamStuff,

Leading author and speaker Alfred Poor takes a positive approach to this problem. In his book, he shows students how they can succeed by becoming valued and productive members of their company. His simple tips will give them the edge that they need to succeed. This makes them less likely to lose their jobs even when the company has to downsize, and can speed the awards of increased responsibilities and promotions. His book, “7 Success Secrets,” provides commonsense strategies that college students and recent graduates can use to improve their attitudes and work skills.

“Alfred shares his incredible knowledge and street smart wisdom in a way that is powerfully packed with applicable tips. There is no doubt that Alfred has become America’s best college student coach and he is sure to help any student create their own magical career experience.”

John Formica, America’s Customer Experience Coach and author of “Making the Customer Experience Magical Now!”,

The short book is written in a friendly conversational style, and it’s packed with advice that is easy to read and easy to apply. Readers will learn:

  • Three essential skills that will gain the support of co-workers at all levels
  • One surprising lesson from fast food that applies in any job
  • What their primary responsibility really is, no matter what their job description says

7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know!” is available now for $19.97 on, on Barnes&, or through any bookstore. Click here to order.


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