Essential information that parents of high school students need to know...

4 Secrets
Every Parent Must Know
to Help Your High School Student
Succeed in College and Life

You can have Harvard graduate
Alfred Poor Ph.D. come to your school
to share these valuable strategies
which are essential to prepare
your child for future success.


Parents want the best for their children. But as these children reach high school, the questions start to mount. What’s the best choice in college for your child? How do you know what major to pick in order to get a good job? What can you do to help make sure your child has a successful and happy life after graduation?

Alfred Poor has answers to the questions that keep parents awake at night!

    • Is a college education worth the investment?
    • Which major will lead to the best jobs?
    • How much does a college's reputation matter?
    • What can we do about college loan debt?

I’m Alfred Poor, and I am an expert on career skills for young employees. I’ve closely studied the research and analyzed the statistics. And I’m ready to share my findings and advice with parents at your school. Based on solid facts, my lively and interactive presentation gives parents the confidence to help their children make good choices about college and career.

"Answers All Questions"

When asked what they liked best about the presentation, participants at a presentation for NYACC at New York University responded:

  • “The likability of the speaker and his expertise with the subject material”

  • “The comprehensive knowledge of the speaker and his good personality”

  • “You answer all questions, and have great energy.”

  • “A knowledgeable speaker, interesting information, well presented.”

  • “Very understandable and clear presentation, and very animated”

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Why Dr. Poor?

A graduate of Harvard University, he is the author of more than a dozen books, including “7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know!” He has been widely published and quoted in major newspapers, magazines, and online publications, and he is a popular guest on radio talk shows from coast to coast.


Do you want Alfred Poor to come speak to parents at your school?


"Captured and Held Attention"

Dr. Poor's two public presentations were excellent and very well-received. Dr. Poor spoke to student career-readiness, and from a number of different perspectives. His delivery was flawless and he peppered his speeches with pithy, insightful stories which captured and held the attention of his listeners.

Dr. Gerard P. O'Sullivan, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Neumann University

Unlike some other speakers on this topic, I have no ax to grind and no service to sell. I do not provide college admissions or financial aid counseling, and I am an independent speaker and author who does not represent any college or university.

Do you want Alfred Poor to come speak to parents at your school?


"Informative and Compelling"

We really appreciated the time you spent preparing material that was tailored to our audience. The advice and anecdotes you shared were extremely informative and compelling.

Sara Gowing
Chairperson, Parent of Alumni Association Council, Germantown Academy

I know that many parents are concerned about the costs of a college education and all the news about rising student debt. I have answers that will help your child make sound decisions about education that lead to a successful transition from student to employee.

Blue DollarNo Budget? No Problem!

Even if your school does not have a budget to cover my speaking fee, you can still arrange to have me come speak with you and other parents. If you have a booster club that supports an athletic team or other school program, you may be able to raise money for your school by sponsoring my presentation.


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Contact me today to find out how my presentation can help you and other parents at your school. You can also forward this page to your high school principal, guidance counselors, or the president of your school’s booster club. My calendar fills quickly, so contact me as soon as possible to get the dates that are best for your school.

Best wishes for your children’s success,

Alfred Poor, Ph.D.
America’s Success Mentor for Young Employees
700 East Walnut Street
Perkasie, PA  18944
Member: National Association of Colleges and Employers
Member: Society for Human Resource Management


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Now is the time that parents of Juniors are most concerned about college choices. Book me now so they can make confident choices about their children's future.


No budget? No problem. Your school or booster organization can actually make money when I come speak to your parents.


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