Do you worry about your child's future in college and beyond?

9 Practical Ways to
Help Your Child
Succeed in College with
Less Stress and Be Better Prepared to
Land a Good Job After Graduation!

Three national experts
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one evening of information that can
change your child's life forever.

Parents worry about their children, no matter what their age. Parents of high school students have new worries to consider: will their children get into good colleges? Will they be successful in their pursuit of a degree? Will they be able to handle the stress? And will they be able to get a good job once they graduate, and hang onto it?

In This Free One Hour Webinar
You Will Learn...

  • 4 self-defeating behaviors found in most college students.
  • One simple technique to relieve major causes of college stress.
  • Two things college students must do to get a job after graduation.

You are invited to spend an evening with three national experts who will share their insights and advice about how you can help your child have a positive and successful college experience. And best of all, it’s FREE!

The three founders of the Successful Learning Institute have spent their careers learning and practicing in their respective areas of expertise. You get to hear some of their best tips and advice.

Are you concerned about choosing the right college? Do you want your child to make better choices as a college student?

Dr. Bob Neuman

Dr. Bob Neuman, the Nation’s Dean of Academic Development, worked one-on-one with college students for 25 years. That’s more than 12,000 appointments with generations of students. He’s also counseled parents and professors, so he understands student problems from all angles. He's a student behavior and achievement expert; “Most college students on their own for the first time cannot handle themselves, their time, or their studies to meet the demands of college.” Dr. Bob prepares teens to succeed, to be among the 1 out of 3 college students who graduate on time.

College students have to face a variety of new stresses, and they will have to deal with them on their own. Would you like to know some simple ways that your child can use to prevent and cope with stress at college?

Swamiji, The Hip Guru

Swamiji, The Hip Guru, has spoken at the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy and wrote the Amazon #1 bestseller, the Ayurveda Encyclopedia. For the past 4 decades he has been a monk, blending ancient and cutting edge healing tools to help college students relieve stress and have more rewarding campus lives. His latest book is "The Stress-Free College Student".

Are you worried that your child won’t be able to get a good job after graduation? Do you want to know what employers look for when hiring new college graduates? In many cases, your child will have to take charge because the college may not put an emphasis on these key skills and behaviors.

Alfred Poor, Ph.D.

Alfred Poor, Ph.D., is America’s Success Mentor for Young Employees. He speaks from the heart to high school and college students, young employees, and their parents, guiding them to make the transition from campus to cubicle. He helps them transform themselves from successful students to successful employees so that they hit the ground running in their first job. He shows how to find personal fulfillment in their work, and to prove their value to the company so that they can move faster toward their first promotion.

Best of all, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of all three of our experts live at the end of the webinar. We can’t promise that all questions will be answered, but they’ll do their best to cover as many as they can.

This webinar is free and without obligation. It is packed with practical facts, analysis, and tips so that you can help your child get the most value from the college experience. Even if you only learn one new insight from this session, it can make a profound difference for your child. But you’ll hear about dozens of valuable pointers, presented in an upbeat way with energy and humor from three well-known experts.


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